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Nokia N830 WiMAX-equipped internet tablet photo leaked?

Just when you think Nokia doesn't have any more tricks up its sleeve -- wham! the WiMAX-equipped N830 internet tablet gets all up in your section (maybe). According to a sweet, sweet photo which appeared in Best Buy's February Mobile Buyer's Guide, the Finnish giant is preparing to unleash a new version of its popular N810 tablet, and it seems like this could be the rumored WiMAX device that we've heard whispers about. Of course, this could also just be a new paint job and refreshed number -- though something in our heart tells us that ain't the case. Word on the street is that we'll know what's up come CTIA. In the meantime, feel free to zoom, zoom, and zoom some more on this picture, and check out the full page of the brochure after the break.

[Via IntoMobile]

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