Emotiv to make mind-controlled games a reality by Christmas

The idea of wearing a funny hat to mind control software is certainly nothing new 'round these parts. Now Emotiv Systems returns with an update to their Project Epoch USB headset. Crave went hands-on with the system which required a short, six-second calibration before entering the first "game." At that point, Crave was able manipulate a simple cube on the screen with varied success at making it disappear or pull forward. Oooh, what fun! Mind you, it's just a prototype and we've seen this tech applied to old-school arcade games like Pong and Space Invaders to great effect. You'll get your chance soon enough as Emotiv plans to launch the first thought-controlled, consumer gaming device this Christmas for $299 with at least one bundled PC game. One more picture of that Alien face-hugger of a headset after the break.