G-Trainer "anti-gravity" treadmill gets approved by the FDA

Alter-G looks to have been boasting about its G-Trainer "anti-gravity" treadmill for some time now, but it seems that it's now a whole lot closer to finding itself under your feet someday, as it has now been approved as an actual medical device by the FDA. In case it didn't pop up on your radar, the device itself makes use of a specialized air pressure regulation system to reduce the individuals' effective body weight by up to 80%, with it apparently precise enough to make changes in increments as small as 1%. Of course, Alter-G also seems to be quite confident that the rig is entirely safe but, given some of the predicaments we've seen other, seemingly innocuous treadmills get in, we'd still be a little cautious about strapping ourselves into the thing.

[Via MedGadget]