GDC08: Watch Emotiv's 'performance anxiety'

Emotiv's press conference was less than stellar (if you recall). Technical problems plagued the presentation, making us walk away saying "wow" ... but for all the wrong reasons. We were skeptical about brain controlled gaming, and Emotiv's conference did little to change our jaded expectations. The test subject utterly failed to produce the results the company expected, much to the dismay of the presenters. Watch the awkward silence that fills the room as we wait (and wait) for the test subject make a block disappear with the power of his mind!

Afterwards, the company was forced to continue with a brave, but awkward presentation where we're encouraged to use our imaginations in lieu of a working demonstration. Ultimately, the company blamed the "very high power, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology" headsets used by the sound crew for all the technical glitches. Hmm. Whatever caused the problems Emotiv faced, the night ended up being rather surreal, and we hope this video can capture a little bit of the awkwardness that filled the theater.