Poll: What Blu-ray player will you be picking up?

Following up on what was likely Engadget HD's most popular poll of all time -- which asked HD DVD early adopters to decide their next move after their beloved format crumbled -- we're out to see exactly what fencesitters and disgruntled converts alike are going to do now. It should be noted that while everyone and their grandmother has been quick to suggest the PlayStation 3 as the end-all solution, we can't help but remind audiophiles that Sony's latest console may actually not be the best choice. Granted, the constant flow of updates and its Profile 2.0 compatibility are definite pluses, but still, we can't say with a straight face that it's for everyone. So, dear readers, now that you can rest assured that the one remaining high-definition format will be around for at least a hot minute, which BD player are you eying?

[Image courtesy of AV Revolution]