Cloudbook shows up on Wal-Mart's website, ZaReason drops it

Everex's Cloudbook hasn't exactly seen the smoothest of launches, and now that the official launch date has come and gone, it seems that things just keeping getting curiouser and curiouser. For starters, the budget-priced laptop has now finally shown up on Wal-Mart's website, but it's already out of stock, and it's not clear if it was ever in stock to begin with. In other non-availability news, retailer ZaReason (which has actually shipped a few Cloudbooks) has announced that it's ditching the laptop altogether, stating only that "due to the amount of money we have lost granting refunds (due to bank transaction fees) we can no longer sell the Cloudbook." Needless to say, some are speculating that Everex's deal with Wal-Mart is the primary cause for the troubles at ZaReason, but either way, it seems that anyone actually looking to get their hands on a Cloudbook is out of luck, at least at the moment.

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[Via Eee Site, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]