GDC08: Early, pre-Little Sisters BioShock footage

Yesterday morning we had the chance to listen to Ken Levine speak on the storytelling process behind his hit title, BioShock. The quick Zero Punctuation video got big laughs, but there was another video during the presentation that more accurately represented what Ken was talking about. Above is a picture of a stage in the development of the Little Sisters, a hint at other (stranger?) versions of Rapture and its denizens. You can catch other stages in the Sisters development in our gallery of photos from the talk.

Like the Little Sisters concept, the video itself shows an early version of Rapture. The beautiful art-deco world we know and love is an ugly, boxy, warehouse of a place. Check it out below the cut for raging Big Daddies, worm-like Little sSsters, and one of the quickest "time to crate" experiences in gaming.