The Linutop 2 gets green on your desktop

If you're after a really, really low power, small footprint, generally inoffensive desktop solution, you probably can't do better than the new Linutop 2. This miniscule, Xubuntu-based system runs on top of a 500MHz AMD Geode CPU, packs in 512MB of RAM, and 1GB of flash memory, you know, for applications and stuff. Of course, the draw here isn't massive specs, but rather a tiny drain on energy, and a simple, cheap solution for people with basic computing needs. Amazingly, the Linutop 2 uses only 8 watts of power, and weighs a feather-light 20 ounces. The miniature box also has four USB ports, an ethernet jack, audio outs, and comes bundled with open source gems like AbiWord, Open Office, and your good buddy, Firefox. The little guy starts shipping on February 26th for €280, or about $412.

[Via LinuxDevices]