Wii Tetris: homebrew edition

If that unplayable version of Pong we saw for the Wii wasn't quite doing it for you, you 'll be happy to know that homebrewer Christian Auby (aka DesktopMan) has just hit the next stage in evolution: Tetris. That's right, you can now get a fully functioning version of the puzzler running on your Wii, thanks to that handy Twilight Princess hack, and what was probably a gargantuan amount of work on Auby's part. The game loads from the GameCube memory slot (using an SD adapter) out of Twilight Princess, but after the hack has been engaged you can jump back to the loader to pull something new off of a card, which should make experimenting a little bit easier. Check the video after the break to see how it all works.

[Thanks, Craig]