WoW Moviewatch: The Fat Cow V, and some bad news about Stage6

Chrille just released another Fat Cow to his PvP series. Fat Cow V contains duels against hunters, warlocks, rogues, 2v2 with frostmages, 3v3 with priests and warriors, and world PvP, as well as some artsy scenes. I would link to a high-quality version, but Stage6 ruined Christmas.


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In other news, Stage6, a major source for high-quality WoW machinima, will be shutting down their site as of February 28th, 2008. Apparently operating costs were just too much for them, and, for some reason, sponsorship or paid membership was out of the question. This leaves machinimators scrambling to find an alternative with very short notice to do so.

If you are a WoW machinimator in search of sites to upload your videos to, I highly suggest GameTube and While GameTube has the higher quality and many features in the works, Blip offers the ability to upload multiple versions of the same file within a single video page. Blip also provides flash compression of the first file upload.