iPhone and iPod touch get 1.1.4 firmware update

Apple's 1.1.4 firmware update for the iPhone and iPod touch just hit the wires, courtesy of iTunes Nobody knows what exactly is in store (SDK support, perhaps?), so obviously those jailbreakers out there might want to hold off while the braver souls among us give it a shot. For the record, no SDK has hit Apple Developer Connection yet, so take that for what you will. So far those who've successfully updated haven't seen any changes, but we'll keep you posted. So far the entire official word from Apple on the release seems to be "Bug fixes." Typical.

Update: So far we've tested 1.1.4 on a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone and a non-jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone, and had zero problems with either, including intact music libraries after the procedure -- your mileage may vary! We went through all of the system settings and can't spot anything new. Multiple sources are claiming ZiPhone works, but it's not fully tested and may be a little wonky at this point, so proceed with caution.

Update 2: Well, ZiPhone claims to have worked, but there aren't any icons for our installed apps, and we can't uninstall or reinstall. Also, it's worth noting that since this is a rather hefty update in terms of file size, and yet added features seem non-existent, our best guess is that this paves the way for an SDK in the coming weeks.

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