The Linksys DMA2200 HD Media Center Extender gets reviewed

The idea of having a centralized DVR with a bunch of tuners and other HD content stored on a hard disc and then streaming it around the house in HD, is pretty fantastic. Up until now the Xbox360 has been pretty much the only option for Windows Media Center fans who want to stream HD cable -- and soon DirecTV -- around the house, but as great of a box as it is, it isn't perfect. Our biggest complaint is the noise and the size, and if those are important to you as well, then you may want to check out Chris Laniers's review of the Linksys DMA2200. Overall Chris seemed to like the little guy, but considering it sells for almost the same price as the Xbox360 core system and does less, we'd suspect the only reason to go for the Linksys is because it is smaller and most importantly, it's silent.