iPod nano coming in purple? Probably not.

We've gotten a tip that there could be a new iPod nano color on the way -- purple to be exact -- due to a Circuit City circular ad distributed in Minneapolis this weekend. As far as exciting or even remotely interesting rumors go, this one falls about one space after dead last, and is most likely some kind of funkdafied CMYK mishap, or worse yet -- the most boring Photoshop job in the world. Still, for all you serious iPod aficionados who simply must have the latest shade, perhaps your player will soon be awash in Grimace-colored tones that only the Hamburgler and Prince could truly love.

Update: Well you can rule out printing errors, thanks to tipsters Jack and Joe [but not necessarily photoshops, thanks to Eliav]. Check it out after the break -- you can make the call for yourself, For now we're placing this one back on the table.

[Thanks, Tony T.]