Infogrames attracted Harrison with giant magnet

Okay, maybe not literally (although the imagery does make us giggle), but a "magnet for talent" is certainly the new image Infogrames hopes to project. Now that Phil Harrison has taken his seat as president of Infogrames, CEO David Gardner has been singing the praises of the company's new business model, which is centered around the online market, as well as recognizable talent, and attracting new faces.

According to Gardner, the future of Atari and Infogrames rests in the field of online gaming, a risky new venture for the company that Gardner is optimistic Harrison will be able to assist in. In addition to the new online focus, Gardner hopes that the company can continue to attract talent, and aims for a healthy mix of both industry veterans, and fresh young faces hoping to innovate. They better hope that magnet's got a lot of pull left in it, as Atari's messy history is naturally repellent.