Padded lampposts for distracted texters being tested in London

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|03.06.08

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Padded lampposts for distracted texters being tested in London

According to a recent report, human beings are becoming so incredibly stupid that they require cushioned lamppost bases so that when they run into them they don't mess up their idiotic faces. Apparently, a study in the UK found that one in ten people actually managed to hurt themselves by walking into a post while peering down at their mobile phone screen. The mishaps -- called "walking and texting" injuries -- have spurred the charity Living Streets to launch the padded-post-pilot scheme in Brick Lane, London. It seems that if all goes well, there are plans to roll out the idiot-proof system in Birmingham, Manchester, and Stupidton.

Update: Thanks Mike, video now added after the break. Did he really say "higgily hoopily?"

[Image courtesy Yahoo! News]
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