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The Mindwire V5 turns gaming into pure electroshock torture

Sure, your games are thrilling and all, but they don't exactly cause actual pain, do they? Well, that's all going to change thanks to the two twisted dreamers who started the company Mindwire, and their electroshock feedback device, the V5. That's right, next time you get fragged in Unreal, sacked in Madden, or robbed in GTA -- you get shocked in real life. Just the sadistic thrill you've been after, right? The device works by splitting your controller input to the "brain" of the V5 and your console, then sends electric jolts via electrode pads on your skin. Right now the company has a model tested and working with the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PCs, though they appear to be making preparations for current gen consoles in the next iteration of the device. If you're content with the choices at hand, this self-torture can be yours for £99.99 (or around $201). Check the totally awesome video after the break to see the V5 in action.

[Via Coolest Gadgets]