Microsoft's Ray Ozzie talks about relevance of desktop and more

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie isn't normally one to give interviews, but the man himself did find a bit of time recently to chat with Om Malik of GigaOM, where he talked about the economics of cloud computing and the relevance of the desktop, among a myriad of other topics. On that latter point, Ozzie says up front that a student today or a web startup "don't actually start at the desktop. They start at the web," but he goes on to say that while there are things that the web is good for "that doesn't necessarily mean that for all those things that the desktop is not good anymore. What I think is important is to re-pivot the center of what we are trying to accomplish." On the topic of cloud computing, Ozzie goes so far as to say that he thinks "all of these utility-computing services, as they're born will either be breaking even or profitable," adding that "at the scale that we're talking about, nobody can afford, (even Microsoft) can't afford to do it at a loss." Of course, he goes on to elaborate further on that and other subjects, so be sure to hit up the link below for the complete interview.