AMD finally getting "B3" Opterons out the door

It hasn't exactly been the speediest of turnarounds but, according to Daily Tech, AMD is now finally getting its updated B3 stepping Opteron processors out into the hands of system integrators, making them the first K10-based Opteron processors to ship since the so-called TLB bug cropped up last December. What's more, while there's apparently only hard evidence of the Opterons (pictured at right), Daily Tech says that the B3 stepping Phenom processors are now shipping as well. Those will each obviously be heading to OEMs first, but vendors like Newegg will apparently be getting Opterons ranging from 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz starting in "early April," while both Phenom and Opteron lines are set to hit 2.6GHz sometime in the fall -- assuming there aren't any further unforeseen delays, that is.