Details on Archos 606, SFR 3G+ plan revealed

We'd already heard about Archos' deal with France's SFR to build 3G+ into upcoming players, but the folks at PC INPact have now turned up what appears to be some of the firmest details yet of those plans, and the first player to support 'em. That player is supposedly the Archos 606, which is described as being the same size as the Archos 605, but with a screen 1-2 centimeters bigger and a casing that's entirely black (it's also said to boast a 30GB hard drive). Unfortunately, there's no official pictures of the device just yet, but the folks at Archos Lounge have put together the mockup above to feed the speculation in the meantime. As for SFR's plans, it'll apparently offer three different subscription options coming in at €14.90, €19.90, and €29.90 a month ($22 to $46), each of which will let you purchase the device for €249, €199, or €149 ($380, $305, or $230), respectively, or you can simply the player without a plan for €290, or about $460.

[Via Archos Lounge, thanks John]