iPod touch burns from within with fiery passion... and fire

We apologize for the blurriness of the image -- imagine you are looking through the photographer's tears -- but what you see before you is supposedly an esploded iPod touch. Tipster Max S. tells us he had the pleasurable experience of having his touch catch on fire between the glass and the components, which can't have been a fun time for the iPod. The heat managed to burn his desk, and needless to say Max won't be getting any more use out of the thing. Apple has been kind enough to issue a free replacement, and is apparently going to look into the situation to see how much of an anomaly this is. This is of course "hot" on the heels of that iPod nano incident, and while an exploding iPod situation would be bad enough for Apple and consumers, what we're really not looking forward to is the inevitable DOT ban on PMPs. Let's hope these are some isolated incidents, or Apple pays off the right people to hush up about it. There's another blurry shot after the break.

Update: Max wrote back to tell us that Steve Jobs' personal staff is apparently in touch with him after Max emailed Apple about the incident. Supposedly he might be getting some compensation for the ordeal, but doesn't seem quite as chipper about the ordeal as his first email suggested: "Still, my iPod burned. *sad face*" You gotta keep it together, Max!

Update 2: Apple gave Max a £25 (about $50 US) gift certificate to the Apple Store in addition to the replacement he already got for the iPod touch. Is that the happy ending to this sordid tale of destruction and woe?