Puretracks DRM-free music store hitting BlackBerry platform in April

For BlackBerry users feeling a bit left out of the mobile music store revolution, take heart, as Puretracks is running to the rescue. Utilizing the spotlight at SXSW in Texas, the aforementioned outfit is showcasing its newly developed, DRM-free music store and service for the BlackBerry platform. Reportedly, the system was crafted with partner Magnet Mobile Media, and it's slated to function on the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series mobiles. As of now, we've no idea how much the tunes will cost, but we do know that they'll be compressed AAC / AAC+ files and will be available in the US on April 1. As for future plans, the firm hopes to bring the service to Canada and "other markets," and best of all, it's even looking to "include support for WiFi capable handsets."

[Via mocoNews]