Mass Effect 2 set to be a 360 timed exclusive [update]

Update: Our initial understanding of the article may have been a bit off and led to a mild misunderstanding. After re-analyzing the CVG interview, we now believe that the timed exclusive nature is referring to the 360 version becoming a PC version a few months later with no mention of Mass Effect 2 headed to the PS3. Sorry for the confusion folks.

Semi-confirming industry analysts' predictions, BioWare senior manager Matt Atwood told CVG that Mass Effect 2 will more than likely be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. When talking about the Mass Effect trilogy and how it'll be released, Atwood revealed that he believes "we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time." Atwood goes on to say that they've "had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well", but that they are still working out specifics regarding future Mass Effect releases. Later in the interview, it was also revealed that BioWare plans on releasing Mass Effect 2 onto the PC similar to how Mass Effect will be releasing to the PC platform this May saying that "you'll see a PC version not too far away."

With the next-gen wars heating up and BioWare getting gobbled up by EA, we're more than happy with an Xbox 360 timed exclusive release as a straight up exclusive 360 release was starting to look unlikely. We just hope BioWare stays on top of their game and doesn't let multiple platform releases mess with their nearly perfect formula.

[Via Joystiq, thanks Roberto Simancas]