Apple patent application hints at iPhone flip phone

You'll have to take this one with the usual patent application caveats but, as Unwired View reports, one of Apple's recent filings seems to indicate that it has at least considered the possibility of an iPhone flip phone of sorts, among other dual-screen possibilities. The application itself is for what's described as a "dual sided trackpad," which would be translucent and boast touch sensitive panels on each side, allowing it to be used both when it's opened or when it's covering the main display. In the case of the iPhone, that would seem to offer yet another option for the oft-discussed iPhone nano, but the patent application doesn't stop there, with it also offering up possibilities for laptops and tablets based around the technology. In the former case, the touchpad would open up a small window on the main display, allowing it to work like a SideShow display, while the tablet would boast a touchscreen encompassing the entire display. Needless to say, we wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up for any of that just yet but, if you want to whet your appetite a bit further, you can get a rough idea of what they might look like by hitting up the read link below.