Who's suing Apple today? Mirror Worlds takes aim at Time Machine and more

While it's not quite a daily occurrence, it must nearly seem that way for the folks in Apple's legal department, who are now facing yet another lawsuit alleging that the company has infringed on some slightly obscure patents. This latest one comes from Mirror Worlds Technologies, which claims that Apple's Time Machine violates no less than four of its patents that, as AppleInsider reports, describe a "highly visual system that displays a line of documents and other items dating back (or forward) in time along with the option of searching these items to retrieve and edit them." As if that wasn't enough, Mirror Worlds also claims that the iPhone and various iPods also infringe on all but one of the patents, apparently due to the way they sort podcasts and other information. As a result of all of that alleged infringement, Mirror Worlds is seeking the usual injunction against all Apple products in question, and "triple damages," which sure is step above and beyond most of these lawsuits that just seek plain old single damages.