A-DATA intros "special edition" flash cards, drives for Eee PC users

You know something is really catching on when companies starts branding otherwise generic products as specially designed for said something, and it now looks like that's now true for the Eee PC, thanks to these two new clever bits of marketing from A-DATA. While you could of course use any USB flash drive of SDHC card with the laptop, A-DATA's apparently hoping that its new "special edition" flash cards and drives will sway over at least a couple of Eee PC users, and we don't doubt that they will. Apparently available only in 8GB versions, they each come in Eee PC-coordinating white, with the USB flash drive also boasting the extra bonus of a leather carrying strap. No word on pricing or availability just yet, unfortunately, but we wouldn't be surprised if they demand a bit of a premium over their non-Eee counterparts.