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LG's 5.1 megapixel OZ: a Casio W53CA hides behind the curtain

Well lookie here, LG just announced a followup to its LH2300 Touch Web phone. This one's for the twisty-fold clamshell fans -- a design which makes it look positively Japanese superphone-like. In fact, we're pretty sure it's just the Casio W53CA with LG branding and new Hello UI for Korean consumption. Interesting given that Korea certainly isn't lacking in mega-spec'd phones. Anyway, given the Exilim underpinnings it's no surprise to find a 5.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, 28-mm lens, color correction, 9-point auto focus, and built-in anti-shake technology bunged into the backside. The LCD measures 2.8-inches (down from the LH2300's 3-inch LCD) yet still manages the same 800 x 480 pixel resolution for DMB television and landscape or portrait web browsing. Inside the little 18.9-mm thin handset you'll find 4GB NAND / 1GB SDRAM and microSD expansion for all your snaps and VGA / 30fps video. Coming to a 3G, CDMA network near you in April... just long as you live in South Korea or Japan.