16GB Samsung P2 now available from Best Buy Canada

You may still not be able to get an iPhone in Canada (at least officially), but you can now at least grab a spiffy new 16GB Samsung YP-P2, which is a whole 8GB bigger than the model currently available in the US. From the looks of it, Best Buy Canada is the among the first to offer the beefed-up, Bluetooth-packin' PMP, with it currently demanding $330 Canadian (a $40 discount off the $370 list price) on the retailer's website. Apart from the bump in storage, however, there doesn't look to be any other changes to the player, with it boasting the same 3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.0 support, and H.264, OGG, and WMV playback as before. Of course, it's not very likely this'll be a Canadian exclusive for long, though we've still yet to hear anything official on that from Samsung.