Cheyenne Mountain working on second MMO

Gamasutra spoke with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's Joe Ybarra about the Phoenix-based company's ambitious plans for the future. And boy are they ambitious -- especially for a company that has not yet released a single title, as Gamasutra noted.

Ybarra revealed that the Cheyenne has four active studios, and that Stargate Worlds isn't the only MMO in development. He didn't offer many details about the other title, except to say that it's "considerably less in scope" and that it uses a free-to-play/microtransactions model. Seems like everyone is going that direction these days.

He also touched on the company's desire to develop original intellectual properties, and noted that it's considering changing its name to something representative of its now-broad scope, as "Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment" is a reference to Stargate franchise lore. Cheyenne Mountain is the compound in which the Stargate secretly program operates.