PSP-3000 reference turns up on Sony's website, don't get too excited

It's only just turned three, but it looks like the PlayStation Portable is now at the center of new rumor mill concerning yet another possible revision, with this one sparked by Sony itself, no less. It doesn't come from an over-talkative exec or anything, however, but rather a curious placeholder image that was turned up on Sony's online instruction manual site. As PSP Fanboy reports, not only are there the expected images for the original PSP-1000 series and the slimmer PSP-2000 series, but there is one for a hereto unheard of 3000 series as well (no 4000 series, though). Of course, it's entirely possible that the image is nothing more than a mistake or the work of someone trying to be a little too prepared, but we have a sneaking suspicion that won't stop the speculation from spinning out of control.