Skullphone decides to speak, probably shouldn't have

Now that Skullphone's act of purported electronic billboard hackery has been proven to be nothing more than a simple act of forking over some cash, the graffiti artist has apparently decided to try to explain things somewhat, albeit without going so far as to completely fess up. What's more, as evidenced by the tidbits of the conversion provided by PAPERMAG, Skullphone also didn't go so far as to make a lot of sense. On the central issue of hacking, Skullphone said that, "once again, it's a matter of semantics. What does it mean to hack the system. Is getting people to think for themselves hacking?" As if that wasn't enough profundity, Skullphone also said that "the art of hacking I know nothing about. What is hacking? What is art?," before going just a tad over the top by saying that "people thought Bob Dylan sold out when he went electric. I guess people weren't ready for it." If that's got you intrigued, you can hit up the link below for some more bits of wisdom.

[Thanks, David]