Hitachi intros short-throw CPX3 WXGA projector

It looks like Hitachi is aiming to give those normally confined to XGA projectors a bit of a boost, with its new CPX3 model not only boasting a slightly more home theater friendly WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, but some short-throw capabilities as well. Exactly how short that throw is isn't clear, however, with Hitachi only going so far as to describe the projector as boasting a wide-angle lens that'll let you use it "close to the screen with no obstructions." Apart from that, the 3.9-pound projector is fairly standard fare, with it packing 2,000 lumens of brightness, HDMI input, and a built-in 1 watt speaker, along with some security measures sure to please more business-minded types. While there doesn't appear to be any official word on a price from Hitachi, a couple of retailers seem to already be selling it for around $1,000.