April Fools' in Stargate Worlds

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April Fools' in Stargate Worlds
April Fools' in Stargate Worlds

The dev team for Stargate Worlds has decided to change the direction of the in-game armor. Apparently, this decision was based on how much everyone loved the human body armor seen in the SGW trailer. Due to that overwhelming love fest... all races will now have the same exact armor.

SGW Creative Director Chris Klug is ecstatic about the decision: "We'll have a lot more time to work on other ideas, such as Asgard golf." Oh fun... golf. Technical Director Demetrius Comes said, "It's going to so be much easier to code now that we will have only one kind of armor for all player characters."

Senior Marketing Manager Kevin Balentine chimed in with: "I don't think it's necessary to distinguish the different races by different armor sets." It seems there are other ways to distinguish species on the battlefield. In fact, they're painting the bad guys red and the good guys blue (see the above pic). Balentine, obviously stuck far too long with only his marketing companion cube as company, doesn't think that's ever been tried before.

Nope... not ever.
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