Eli Shayotovich
Eli was once an MMO cynic. Until he was introduced to the spandex wearing ways of City of Heroes that is. Now he’s a true believer, addictively sampling all those that don’t include orcs, mages and fairies. Eli has been writing about PC games since 2003 and playing them since the very Dawn of the Gaming Age. Reared on Commodore computers "The Mad Man" finds little use for consoles and game pads. Eli lives in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains (which may be the cause of his deteriorating mind) with his loving and very understanding wife, and his psychotic Alaskan malamute. When not virtually busting bad guys or laying waste to alien scum, Eli is obsessively analyzing each episode of Lost, tweaking one of his many fantasy sports lineups, or imbibing (and blogging about) fine craft beer.

Articles By Eli Shayotovich

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