Fallen Earth gets broken down

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Fallen Earth gets broken down

Lee Hammock, lead designer for Icarus Studios' Fallen Earth, recently gave a very nice, quick break down of what to expect in their upcoming "end of the world as we know it" MMO.

There will be no classes; players will be able to allocate points however they want in order to advance their character's stats. Players will eventually have to choose which faction they want to belong to (Chota, Techs, Vistas, Enforcers, Travelers, Lightbearers) however, and it's a choice not to be taken lightly.

Each character gets 22 equipment slots, six of which are dedicated to weapons. Armor and weapons have a set durability, and player generated content will be very popular. To help make your character unique, the game will include dynamic clothing (ski masks that roll up, baseball hats can be worn forwards or backwards, jackets can be unzipped, etc.) and an assortment of customizable options (i.e., war paint, tattoos, body piercings, facial hair).
Fallen Earth will contain 800 - 1000 hours of PvE content with about one third of the game dedicated to PvP areas. These ain't your daddy's regular ole PvP areas either. These will be very dangerous, free-for-all zones where you can be killed by friendly fire.

While vehicles won't be available at launch, they may be made available down the line. As Hammock stated, "I really want to have a tank." And he made one other comment (without elaborating) we found exceedingly tantalizing... "Imagine building combat robots."

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