Caribbean pirates get some morale

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Eli Shayotovich
April 28th, 2008
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Caribbean pirates get some morale

Pirating ain't easy. Even rough and tumble scallywag types need a morale boost every once in a while. As such, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online will soon offer a few new changes - all provided by community feedback.

Tonics will soon be made available that recharge morale faster, and the groggy penalty (due to jail time) is being shortened. Added functionality to the Crew Panel will make the whole act of crewing easier. Players will not only be able to let other players on their server know that they are in need of a crew, but crewing up will also receive a bigger bonus. Now that's an incentive every pirate can get behind!

Additional changes will improve player communications (the whisper feature in particular)... oh, and there are new Quests coming as well.
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