Updates fall onto a Fallen Earth

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Eli Shayotovich
April 11th, 2008
Updates fall onto a Fallen Earth

The gang at Fallen Earth released four new images and some new nuggets o' knowledge about their upcoming end-of-the-world MMO. The images show off the updated graphics engine. While the landscapes look great we're a bit concerned about the rigidity of the humans. Granted, this game is a long ways off from being released so it's too early to lose sleep over.

They're working on a new tutorial level as well as finishing out the starter towns of Zanesville and Needle Eye. They're also revising a bunch of items and balancing out creature abilities. A question was raised by the community asking if 64 equipment slots was enough space given that crafting will be a big emphasis. Crafting = lots of raw materials, which takes up a lot of space. There are three options to offset the limited space. First are clan banks, which are accessible just like a bank vault. Next, players can store gear either in their vehicles or on their horses. Each will have different storage capabilities. Lastly, each player will have their own personal vaults set up by sector. Granted, this means there will be some back and forth running, but it does provide a large amount of storage space, which should offset any headaches.

Three more questions were answered about the state of Fallen Earth, so if you're interested in this post apocalyptic MMO, head over to the forums for all the lowdown.
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