Pieces start falling into place for Fallen Earth

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Eli Shayotovich
May 9th, 2008
Pieces start falling into place for Fallen Earth

The Fallen Earth forums were alive with the sound of falling chunks of information yesterday as the devs from Icarus Studios answered seven more questions about their post-apocalyptic MMO. At launch players won't be able to upload their own clan symbols, mainly because it's a headache for the devs to inspect each one of them. While it is a mature game with a bit more leeway, it still takes an incredible amount of manually intensive labor to make sure some wanker isn't trying to sneak something absurd into the game.

Deep in the heart of the Las Vegas desert the real Lake Mead is "alive and well" with water skiers and jet skiers. The virtual Lake Mead found in Fallen Earth won't be ready for prime time when the game goes live, but will come online through a later expansion. However, it too will be accessible via the Hoover Dam. Just like in real life.

The Sneak/Stealth skill is made up of both active and passive parts. The "I heard something" part is passive, while the "I think you're an enemy faction member in disguise!" part is active and requires a player to activate an ability on the target. Hopefully, this MMO won't sneak past the gaming populace when it drops because the more we learn about it the better it sounds.
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