There's a Fire in the Sky!

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There's a Fire in the Sky!

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the developers behind the upcoming sci-fi MMO Stargate Worlds, announced the formation of a new game publisher called FireSky that will release SGW and other unannounced titles. FireSky is headed by the same guy who holds the reins at Cheyenne Mountain - CEO Tim Jenson. Several other CME execs are on board as well, including Senior VP's of product development Rod Nakamoto and strategic operations Joe Ybarra.

Just as intriguing as the announcement was this bit of info that Tim Jenson revealed: "It's almost time for us to lift the veil and show the world some of the unique projects we're working on in addition to Stargate Worlds."

We had no idea they were working on anything else. This oughtta be good!

[Via Gamasutra]
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