Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.1, device upgrades

Though it's been circulating through the user community (and a Sony Ericsson lab or two) for a little while now, Windows Mobile 6.1 had never gotten officially official in its own right -- until now. Microsoft has taken the wraps off the latest rendition of its mobile platform at CTIA today, a small step on the path to Windows Mobile 7 that'll provide Microsoft-based smartphones with a breath of fresh air starting later this year. The changes are expectedly minor as 0.1 releases tend to be, offering a new Getting Started Center to ease the process of setting up a new device, home screen tweaks, and -- finally -- true, native threaded SMS.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that a phalanx of carriers and manufacturers have thrown their support behind upgrading devices that are already in the marketplace, which is exactly what we were hoping to hear. Everything from the Pantech Duo, to the AT&T Tilt, to the Sprint Mogul is getting 6.1 love beginning this quarter of the year -- though exact dates haven't been announced. Follow the break for the full list of devices on the upgrade list or have a peep at our 6.1 gallery over on Engadget Mobile!

Mobile operators:

  • Alltel Wireless: HTC PPC6800, HTC Touch

  • AT&T: Samsung BlackJack II, MOTO Q 9h global, Pantech duo, AT&T Tilt by HTC

  • Sprint: A new Palm Treo and updates for the Mogul by HTC, Touch by HTC, MOTO Q 9c, Samsung ACE

  • T-Mobile International: T-Mobile MDA Ameo 16 GB, T-Mobile MDA compact IV


  • ASUS: New phones including the P320, ZX1, P560, M536 and updates for the P527, P750, M930

  • HTC: A new Touch Dual for the U.S. and updates for the AT&T Tilt, Touch by HTC, Mogul by HTC from Sprint, TyTN II

  • i-mate: 8502, 9502, 8150, 6150

  • Intermec: CN3

  • Motorola: MOTO Q 9c, MOTO Q 9h global, MC70, MC9000

  • Pantech: Pantech duo

  • Samsung: BlackJack II

  • Toshiba: Portégé G810,Portégé G910