Samsung lets loose Blue Wave 3 firmware update for P2, T10 PMPs

Samsung's first two "Blue Wave" firmware updates for its P2 and T10 PMPs came in relatively quick succession, but it's taken a bit longer for the third one to make its way out the door. Those in Korea can now give their players another boost, however, with the new Blue Wave 3 update apparently available for the taking. On the P2, that'll give you four new GUI themes, along with a new full screen mode, a calculator and dictionary, and new brightness and speed controls for video playback. The T10, on the other hand, will get a full ten new themes, along with three new games, a video bookmarking feature, horizontal viewing and AAC support, and the ability to delete files on the device itself. No word on a similar release 'round these parts just yet, but we wouldn't expect it to be too long in coming.

[Via PMP Today]