SNES modded into handheld by Ben Heck forum member

Sure, you've seen the portable wooden SNES, but if you've been looking for something with more of that fresh-off-the-showroom-floor sheen, maybe you should check into this Ben Heck-forum user's design. Using a modified Polycase, dual lithium-ion batteries, a 5-inch Zenith LCD, and a whole bunch of Super Nintendo, the modder created what could easily be mistaken for a bona-fide production model. Sure, the back looks a tad bit messy, but "Life of Brian" (the SNES fan in question) has managed to squeeze in a second controller port and A/V outs -- no small feat. Check the video after the break to see the handheld in action... a lot of action... like, the guy plays StarFox for a long time.

[Via Switched]