Video: Samsung Instinct UI walkthrough

One ultra-glossy phone plus a dozen or so overly ornate chandeliers is a recipe for video disaster, and indeed, we managed to capture the beautiful outline of said chandeliers in far more detail than we ever intended here. It's the price we pay for demanding mirror-finish touchscreens, we guess, but we think we still managed to convey a fair bit about the Instinct's distinctive user interface here. First of all, it wasn't nearly as snappy as we'd have liked it to be, but the phone's not hitting retail for a couple months yet so we'll cut 'em some slack while they're ironing out the final kinks in the firmware. The web navigation gestures were a little choppy, too, though we appreciated the dedicated "birdseye" key that zooms out so the entire page can be seen at once; a red box indicated where you'll be when you zoom back in. Bottom line? We get the impression that Samsung's delivering form over function here, but hey, for a good number of us, that's a sacrifice we're willing to make.