Jury says Microsoft owes Alcatel-Lucent $376M in patent damages

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|04.05.08

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Jury says Microsoft owes Alcatel-Lucent $376M in patent damages
Hey, remember that Microsoft / Alcatel-Lucent patent fight from 2006? Yeah, we didn't think so -- but the two companies have been duking it out in court over about ten different patents for a couple years now, and a jury ruled today that Microsoft infringed two user interface-related patents and owes damages to the tune of $376M. The two patents both cover touchscreens, with one describing a system of form data entry, and the other describing stylus data interpretation. Sexy, we know. The jury also found that the Microsoft had not infringed two other Alcatel-Lucent video-decoding patents, but the rulings doesn't mean this is all finally over -- Microsoft is planning on immediately appealing the decision, and there are still several other video-related patents being litigated. Yeah, we're on edges of our seats here -- tune in next time for another excitingly dull installment of Marshall Justice.
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