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Edirol spruces up its high-end voice recorder with the R-09HR

Nothing like a minor spec bump to a digital audio recorder to get the blood pumping on a Saturday evening, but we're real suckers for these things. Edirol released its high-end R-09 portable recorder back in 2006, and now they're taking things up a notch with the R-09HR, which can handle 96KHz recordings (up from 48KHz) and supports SDHC up to 8GB instead of the 4GB max of the old model. The recorder also includes a monitor speaker, remote control and playback speed control -- a big win for fans of Alvin and the Chipmunks or for those who need to transcribe interviews, two camps which we conveniently find ourselves in. No word on a US release, but the R-09HR is available in the UK for £249.00, about $497 US.

[Via Brad Linder]