DRE Medical lets loose compact, PC-based ECG system

We've seen ECG systems of all sorts (homemade included), but DRE Medical has now released what it claims to be the most compact system on the market today. Dubbed simply the Universal ECG, the system relies on a Windows-based desktop, laptop or Pocket PC for its computing component, which the company says offers a number of benefits over a standalone ECG system, not the least of which is a sizable cost savings. That savings also extends to printing costs, as the system can print reports on standard computer paper as opposed to the pricey thermal paper used by regular ECG systems. Among other things, the ECG also apparently requires no calibration, and it draws all its power from the device its connected to, so if you're using it with a laptop you may want to bring along a couple of extra batteries. Of course, while it's less expensive than a standalone ECG, that still probably doesn't mean it'll come cheap -- a likelihood further backed up by the fact that you have to contact DRE for a quote if you're interested in buying one.

[Via Medgadget]