Everex's new MyMiniPC: $500 and gOS-powered

Everex is popping off a new gOS powered box tonight, given the unfortunate monicker of MyMiniPC. While $500 is way more than enough to get you started on a low-end Windows box (and even most of the way there toward a Mac mini), the MyMiniPC comes equipped with a 1.86GHz Pentium T2130 and 512MB RAM running gOS "Space", a 120GB drive, DVD±RW, firewire, four USB 2.0 ports, DVI and S-Video out gigabit Ethernet, media reader, and standard audio ins/outs. Everex is all playing up the whole space theme and MySpace integration, segueing that into avatar-based help experience called "Dave" (i.e. use the Ask Dave function to get help). So, what, does that make us all HALs? Too meta, Everex. Larger interface shot after the break.