MTI Micro trumpets fuel cells for mobile devices... again

If you'll recall, we first got wind of MTI Micro's fuel cell endeavors way back in 2004, but nearly four years later the firm is still at it and hoping to have something rolled out by 2009. Reportedly, the company has conjured up a few working prototypes which utilize methanol and are built to power small gizmos such as cellphones, handhelds and even DSLRs. Recharging the cells would be as simple as "squirting in some new fuel or putting in a new cartridge," and MTI has even created a way to recycle the water within the unit. Still, it's not handing out any specifics about what products it plans on churning out first, but given that we've been waiting on these things for quite some time already, it's not like we can't twiddle our thumbs for another dozen months or so.

[Via ElectronicsWeekly]