Thin is in: LG shares a glimpse of its 5 megapixel hottie phone

Great news, Mr. and Mrs. Tighty Pants: carrying five megapixels in your pocket is about to become a little less obvious! The latest member of LG's storied Black Label line -- other alumni being the Chocolate and the Shine -- is starting to break cover, and for what the slider might lack in sheer visual distinction, it makes up in technical prowess. The as-yet-unnamed slider promises to be the thinnest 5 megapixel cameraphone in the world when it launches, featuring a reinforced glass touchscreen up front (just a little Glimmer-esque, if you ask us) and a shell constructed from carbon fiber. Other than that, LG's being a little stingy with details at this point, saying that it'll unveil the handset's name later this month -- hopefully along with pricing and a full spec sheet. The phone will hit Europe first with a number of other launches across the globe thereafter, finally hitting LG's own South Korea in the second half.

[Via T3]