Cornell Ranger sets unofficial distance walking record for a robot

Think you could keep pace with Cornell's Ranger robot? Just last week, the robot walker set an unofficial world record by trotting nonstop for 45 laps (that's 5.6 miles, for those counting) around the university's Barton Hall running track. After reaching that mark, the creature presumably fell over from battery exhaustion, but the team of creators are investigating to find out the exact reason it finally collapsed. Although Guinness officials weren't involved due to too much "rigmarole," the team has quite a bit to be proud of -- after all, an earlier version of the creature only made it 0.62 miles before calling it a day. Aside from garnering bragging rights, the crew is hoping to use Ranger to better understand the "mechanics of walking," which could be used to improve rehabilitation procedures or even athletic performance.

[Via Physorg]