3G iPhone rumors building up steam

Apple's next big event is still over two months away, but the iPhone rumor mill is suddenly in full swing, and we'd say the buzz is back after that short-lived Mossberg "60 days" euphoria wore off. Tgdaily is the one making waves today, claiming that we'll see next-gen 8GB and 16GB iPhones debut at WWDC this June for $399 and $499, and that the iPod touch will always offer twice the storage at any given price point. The new units are said to feature revised casings that eliminate the current model's "plasticky" feel, which is interesting, because that supposedly-leaked image from the other day seems pretty ultra-plasticky to us, but we're not exactly expecting any of these rumors to be true, let alone add up. Other than the re-design, tgdaily says there aren't any OS or interface changes in store, and that Apple is really serious about building the Cocoa Touch platform in addition to OS X-- hence the two bridges on those WWDC invites that went out. That's about it -- nothing too shocking, really, but we'd still take all this stuff with a huge grain of salt until Steve sets things straight.